Photo of Cadence McCarrel

Who? Me?

Just call me the baby-whisperer.

I’m Cadence, lover of all things childhood.
As a Northern Illinois family photographer, I capture the very best parts of you and your littlest people: the loving and the quirky and every happiness in between.



The Proust

What’s your motto?
All ships rise in high tides

Greatest love of your life?
Russell McCarrel. He’s the INTJ to my INFJ.

What is it that you most dislike?
Canned tuna and sexism, obviously.

Historical figure you identify with?
Lucille Ball

Your idea of perfect happiness?
Barefoot outside at dusk, breathing deeply.

Last Netflix binge?
Great British Baking Show (for like the 8th time).

Most treasured possession?
My memories . . . and a little stuffed cat from my mom.

Living person you most admire?
Amy Poehler




from the families who know best.









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